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Black and white photography

CaveHill Belfast Nothing like an early morning bike ride on the CaveHill high above Belfast city to waken you up. I took this one last year on a very cold morning in December .This is high up on the Cavehill, Below you can see part of the…

Mountain Biker



Micro four thirds format cameras have become a great favourite of mine. Don’t get me wrong I still like to use my larger dslr cameras but whenever I am looking to travel light the smaller lightweight camera is the one I reach for. Panasonic Lumix…

Micro Four Thirds

Dunlewey Church Composition When taking a shot like this, It’s always good to have something of interest in the foreground, Also you need to have a leading line which helps to lead the viewer into the photograph. My idea with this one was to use the…

Composition and Framing