Welcome to my photography Blog!Black and white photography

Welcome to my blog, My name is Lawrence, I live in Lisburn which is in Northern Ireland. I took up photography about ten years ago. I did do a bit of photography before this but just of my kids on holidays and things like that.

It was when I got my first DSLR that I was really bit by the bug of photography. My first DSLR was a Canon 300D, I loved this camera, mine was the black version, I got this with the 24-70mm kit lens and used this for around three years. My next camera was a Canon 1D mk2n, I still have this camera along with a Canon 5D mark2. The 5d mark2 is my favourite, it light to use and fantastic in low light plus its full frame.

Here on this blog I would like to share my latest work. I have had this blog now for a while , but I’ve neglected it. From today I’m only going to post Black and White images. I would like for those of you who come here to discuss or leave a comment on what you find.

Hopefully you will as this is why I’ve neglected it in the first place.